Get ahead of the curve and use the digital skills shortage to your advantage

Are you going to be replaced by bots?
With the UK recruitment industry worth £37 Billion in 2015, our world is booming more than ever and recruitment agencies have never been more in demand.

We do have challenges though! The In-house recruitment model is on the up as well however, new research shows that this model has its flaws and it is taking over 44 days to place specialist permanent vacancies. Which is 10 days longer than was estimated in 2015!

I recently attended an excellent conference, called ‘The Future of Recruitment’ held in Glasgow by Firefish Software. The speaker list  was filled with leading experts in the social recruitment field and, after hearing what they had to say, it cemented a niggling feeling I have had for the last few months... The old style of recruitment is diminishing and digital recruitment is revolutionising the way in which the recruitment industry operates.

Greg Savage spoke in depth in his Masterclass about the need to move away from the old job boards approach of posting job adverts and then sitting waiting for the perfect candidate to drop into your in-box. As those of us who have been in recruitment for a while will know, gone are the days where you got a mass response and then the golden nugget fell into your lap.
We need to move away from low margin, round robin recruitment to be a profitable recruitment agency of the future... Low Margin/High volume work is “like eating Soup with a Fork” – as Greg Savage would say. This is the area within the recruitment which will be eventually replaced by bots! Our true value is in the specialism or niche provision of Talent, truly adding value and not endlessly sending CVs into the abyss.

It was interesting to hear of a rising trend where technology is already acting as a “cv screening tool” and presenting clients with the best options for a desired job description. Intelligent Bots working in the background tagging keywords and intuitive algorithms replacing the work of recruiters …

Should we be afraid?

I think if you are solely relying on job boards and adverts to do your work then you are not a true recruiter in the first place.  I believe this method will be extinct in 5 years’. So yes, in this instance, you should be afraid.

For those of us that are true consultants, who do their work over the web, phone and face-to-face, we have nothing to fear. The personal touch and influencing skills we utilise as consultants can never be replaced by bots! We need to continue to use our skills on the phone but coincide this with growing our brands online. You need to be developing these skills more than ever and forget about the old-school practice of scatter-gun adverts. Being proactive rather than reactive is the biggest secret to changing how your results!

The main point I took away from the conference were the words of Greg Savage - Parts of the recruitment life cycle can be made easier through technology and considering the automation of tasks we don’t need to spend our time on. We need to get smarter in how we search for, speak to and attract our candidates right now, for the future!

Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ in our arsenal can only aid us in finding unique candidates and helps us attract more candidates through our content but you have to work at it.

Being a good social citizen is key and in that spirit, I can share a tool which I took from the conference and have used it to good effect since… Don’t be afraid of the Digital Future. Get smart and get using it!

Excellent Facebook searching Tool -

(Above: Chris Murphy and Greg Savage at the Future of Recruitment Event, Glasgow.)

‘’The future of profitable agency recruiting is where technology meets skilled human interaction’’ – Greg Savage

Chris Murphy

Chris started 2i Resourcing in 2013 after a number of years with a leading Scottish Recruitment Agency. Chris is tasked with the Management and overall strategy for 2i resourcing which includes, digital strategy, Business Development and motivation of recruitment team. Chris comes from Northern Ireland and has an interest in Football, Boxing and a good film.